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At Coffee O’clock, we take pride in our barista training program that equips our baristas with the skills and knowledge to prepare exceptional coffee beverages. Our training is designed to cover a range of topics, including the coffee supply chain, the science of coffee, coffee brewing techniques, latte art, coffee history,  and customer service.

We believe that a well-trained barista is essential in providing a memorable coffee experience for our customers. Our experienced trainers work closely with each barista to ensure they are confident in their abilities to craft delicious coffee drinks and provide top-notch customer service.

About Course

At Coffee O’clock, we offer an extensive 45-day barista training program and an additonal  7-day  internship in our very own café. 

Cost: Rs. 19,500

At Coffee O’clock, we’re dedicated to providing our students with the best possible training and support to help them succeed in their careers. Whether you are an aspiring barista or looking to improve your skills, our barista training program will give you the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in the coffee industry.

Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Coffee Industry
Introduction to Specialty Coffee
History of Coffee & Nepalese Coffee Culture
Coffee Beans
Espresso Extraction
Milk techniques
Latte Art (Heart, tulip and Rosetta)
Cleaning, Safety & Maintenance
Customer Service
Health & Safety

Upon completion of the course, students will be required to successfully pass both a theoretical and practical examination to obtain their barista certificate.

SCA Coffee Skills Program

The SCA Coffee Skills Program is a modular, skills-based training program designed to prepare learners to gain more success in their career while contributing to the progress and evolution of the specialty coffee industry.

Barista Skills

The Barista Skills program focuses on imparting essential practical skills required for working behind the espresso bar. Participants will learn various aspects including grinder setup, espresso preparation, milk frothing and texturing techniques for crafting cappuccinos, and the art of creating beautiful latte art. Additionally, the program covers crucial topics such as health and safety guidelines, customer service protocols, and fundamental business practices.


The Brewing courses offered provide comprehensive knowledge about various coffee brewing methods and the key factors that influence the quality of the brew. These courses prioritize hands-on learning, emphasizing the importance of understanding grind profiles, brewing techniques, measuring coffee strength, and charting coffee extraction. By actively engaging in these courses, participants will gain practical expertise in brewing coffee and develop a deeper understanding of the variables that contribute to an exceptional cup of coffee.


The Roasting modules provide comprehensive instruction on the art of coffee roasting, covering essential topics such as the roast cycle, different roast levels, defect identification, and the physical transformations that occur during the roasting process. Additionally, these modules also focus on workspace management and lean production techniques to ensure efficient and effective roasting operations. By delving into these modules, participants will acquire in-depth knowledge of the roasting process, enabling them to produce exceptional roasted coffee while effectively managing their roasting environment.

Training Director

Mahendra Gurung

SCA certified trainer AST Mahendra Gurung has been serving as the Training Director at Coffee O’Clock . His dedication shines through as he imparts invaluable skills in barista skills, brewing, and roasting through SCA classes, contributing significantly to the coffee culture and expertise within the industry.

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